MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Archive

Unknown Tourist Photographs Large Hovering Stones In The Kentucky Sky

In a most unusual site, one tourist managed to capture what appears to be large stones literally flying or hovering in the sky. The area where this took place is Powell County, Kentucky. This scenic area, is known for its nature and peaceful surroundings. Most certainly, seeing this caught people off guard.  The person who

Tech Professor Claims UFOs Are Time Machines From The Future

A Montana Tech professor believes UFOs are much closer to home than we think. His theory about the UFO phenomena is, they are us from the future traveling backwards in time. Michael P. Masters graduated with a doctorate in anthropology, from Ohio State University. He is scheduled to appear on Coast To Coast AM soon.

Humanoid Alien Hitchhiker Recorded Alongside Texas Highway

Is this some kind of alien human hybrid? Or, perhaps this is merely someone dressed up in some kind of costume? Some speculate this is nothing more than a mannequin set outside as a hoax, yet is appears to be moving ever so slightly. This video, shows a what appears to be a typical looking

UFO Sightings Are On The Decline

Strangely, UFO sightings have recently been on the decline lately. The non-profit government agency known as MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) reports on average 7,000 reports per month. This number has decreased lately according to them. The reasons for this, are still unclear. Speculations are, less people are looking up. They are spending way too much