Unknown Tourist Photographs Large Hovering Stones In The Kentucky Sky

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In a most unusual site, one tourist managed to capture what appears to be large stones literally flying or hovering in the sky. The area where this took place is Powell County, Kentucky. This scenic area, is known for its nature and peaceful surroundings. Most certainly, seeing this caught people off guard. 

Hoving stones in sky Kentucky

The person who took the photo, wished to remain anonymous. However, they did send the photo to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). So far, the photograph has been allegedly authenticated by some unnamed individuals.

It is assumed they are associated with MUFON. Apparently, the person who snapped this photo, was shooting in high speed fast-frame mode. After they looked back at their photographs, they then noticed the strange anomaly.  

After looking at the other photos taken, only one of them seemed to capture this strange sight on camera. Certainly someone could hoist rocks into the air, but these look rather large considering just how far away they were from where the photo was taken. It makes one wonder just how much they weigh or how far they were “thrown” by something or someone. 

Speculations are, some kind of entity threw these large rocks into the air. Another theory is, a glitch in the matrix was captured. Why this happened is unexplained of course. There are many different things out there which people simply do not understand. Certainly, science and logic can answer some questions but not all of them. 

Many might think this photograph is nothing more than digital manipulation. It is possible, but information about these stones are rather limited. The spot where these stones were captured on camera is popular with climbers and is above the treeline.

It may also be possible that the stones were thrown. However, this is not likely due to their size and weight. A machine of some sort, could possibly hoist the stones into the air for some distance anyway.

Further speculations are, these were balloons of some kind. There are no strings seen from this perspective but anything at this point could be a possibility. Are these really spacecrafts for really small sized alien lifeforms? It really is an astonishing oddity. 

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