Man Spends $200,000 Dollars To Resemble Jesus Christ

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While we all have our faith in God or other religious beliefs, things ultimately are the same there is worship of a divine one the creator of everything. A 30 year old man named Mark Emery from Lexington, Kentucky decided to undergo radical plastic surgery, in order to physically resemble Jesus Christ.

Many think he is nuts for doing this, as it is blasphemy. Hundreds of people, including various religious leaders have all said this isn’t right. It is very wrong of him to do such a thing.

Mark Emery as Jesus Christ

Seen on social media accounts, are people denouncing and/or mocking Mark for what he has done. One Pastor named John Hagee wrote on his Twitter account, “Christians love Jesus and try to act like him, not look like him. Shame on you. That’s ridiculous and anti-Christian.”

When people read through the Bible, there is no real physical description of Jesus and his human appearance. There are no references to his skin tone, hair style, or facial traits. Among most historians, Jesus was not of European descent.

However, many paintings, statues and carvings all seem to suggest that Jesus was. Many historians believe that instead, Jesus would have resembled the physical appearance of a modern-day Arab or possibly a Turk. His skin would be darker.

The Lexington Daily Tribune, reports that Mark Emery has already been following in the footsteps of Jesus according to The Bible. He has taken up carpentry and has been studying ancient Jewish law and various religious texts.

Mark Emery spent money to look like Jesus

So far, Mark has undergone an astounding 21 different surgical procedures. He now claims to be “almost satisfied” with his results.

Some people buy fancy cars or fancy mansions…I use my money to show my love for Jesus by getting surgery to look more like him,” says Mark. “I try to live by his example and to be as much like him as I can. For me, acting like Jesus wasn’t enough, I really wanted to be like him and look like him.”

Even after many critics have denounced his actions, Mark it seems is happier in his life. He now feels, that he is now closer than ever to Jesus Christ. It seems he has found salvation in the Lord. Ironically, the money he spent could have been used to help the poor laying in the street at night without food and shelter. What would the real Jesus have done with that money? Regardless, it seems he has found his own sense of salvation.

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