NASA swat team terrifies grandmother forcing her to give up her Moon rock

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Joann Davis Moon Rock

An astonishing event happened, when 75 year old Joann Davis from Lake Elsinore, California was forced to give up her Moon rock by gun point. The entire event took place outside of a Denny’s restaurant franchise.

The disgruntled and outraged grandmother’s pants were ruined from a frightful urination—as she spoke with various federal agents about her Moon souvenir. Joann Davis, was gifted a piece from the Moon to her late husband by none other than Neil Armstrong himself. Neil Armstrong was the first alleged astronaut to ever walk upon the Moon.

Neil also was also an aerospace engineer, naval aviator, test pilot, and even a university professor. Armstrong’s infamous quote: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” still keeps people thinking about this momentous moment in recent times.

The entire event was stressful for the 75 year old senior lady and she is now aimed at suing the United States government for possession of the Moon rock piece.

Moon Rock gift

All of this started, when Joann contacted NASA with her original intention to sell her piece of the Moon to them. She wanted to help her son (who also is from Lake Elsinore) with his medical care. Hoping to get a fair price offer, she instead was greeted with interrogation and seizure. It is rather strange why they suddenly wanted this Moon rock, is there something extra special about it, other than being from the actual Moon?

There must be another secretive reason. In light of all the reports of UFOs and alien sightings, perhaps there is something this rock fragment has and the government wants to keep the knowledge about it away from the general public. Authorities have attempted to make their case against Joann, who isn’t giving up.

A judge has since ruled—that the detainment which was done by these agents, has violated her constitutional rights—in regards to unreasonable seizure as she will press charges against them.

Joann Davis now suing NASA

Joann has since been utterly humiliated in public’s eye over a rice-sized piece of moon. Joann is suing one agent named Norman Conley, who forced her to stand in the parking lot outside of Denny’s restaurant for over two hours in her urine soaked pants meanwhile being detained and further questioned.

The agents who appeared on the scene, were all heavily armed. For an elderly person in particular, this ordeal was quite upsetting as one can imagine. Magnify this moment for her, being a grandmother and an elderly woman. She simply wanted to help her grandchildren and her son out. And in return, she was humiliated and made a mockery in both a public parking lot and within the news.

The court is now “determining whether a federal agent could be sued for wrongful detention under these circumstances,” said Davis’ Redlands-based lawyer, Peter Schlueter. And their decision was “absolutely, yes.”

Ironically, Joann spent most of her life proudly working for the government aerospace program. Joann is seeking $1.7 million dollars for the piece of the Moon rock. This particular case is now back in the lower court system, as she continues to wait before celebrating her 80th birthday.

Joann’s son has since died seven months after this incident. If the courtroom settlement passes through, then she wanted to have a picnic area established at Whitefish Lake in Montana, as a memorial to both her son and her daughter, who have since passed away.

(Source: PE and Disclose TV)

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