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Alien base photos on the Moon

Mobile alien bases have been spotted on the Moon

With all the theories about aliens and extraterrestrial activity happening lately, some people have reached the conclusion that on the Moon, we are not alone. There has been photographic evidence of what appears to...

Area 51 interview with CIA operative

Dying CIA operative reveals details of Area 51

Back in March of 2013, an interview took place at an undisclosed location. What was learned from a former government employee was rather intriguing. Specifically, this man worked at the Area 51 base located...

Buxton Maine UFO sighting captured on camera

UFOs captured on camera flying over Maine

In Buxton, Maine something rather extraordinary has happened this holiday season. It seems a man captured an unusual light show. What he captured may be one of the most defining UFOs ever captured on...

big foot mars

Bigfoot spotted on Mars and skull found

There are many claims about things appearing on planet Mars. Some are nothing but mere illusions however, sometimes things may need another look. It seems from a photograph taken by NASA—revealed what appears to...