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Ohio Hikers Record ‘Bigfoot Footage’ At Salt Fork State Park

What resembles the fabled and ever elusive Bigfoot, was recorded by a pair of hikers inside Salt Fork State Park located in Ohio. The landscape here, provides a rather diverse terrain to transverse through. The hikers said they used GoPro cameras as they captured the alleged beast outdoors.  These same two hikers (one of them

Engineer Sees “Space Portal” In His Own Backyard

Recently a report came in from The National UFO Reporting Center. It seems one engineer witnessed something extraordinary. While he was outside in his own backyard in Piqua, Ohio. This unknown man, looked over to see what resembled a large square hovering in his backyard.  He believes this was some kind of “Space Portal” of

Grandfather Encounters Tall Pale Humanoid Entity In His Backyard

The experience was something one man will never forget. He was unsure what to make of this thing. It seemed to be about eight feet tall and was pale white by its appearance.  This rather unusual encounter, was posted by u/BuckeyeBrute on Reddit about 2 months ago. They explained that their grandfather lives in a

Old Ghost Man Photo Gets Shared On Facebook

When Andrea Dawn snapped a photograph back years ago, she had no idea what else she had captured. While using her cell phone, she intended to capture a selfie to be used online. To her dismay, she noticed what resembled an old ghost man standing next to her. Eager to get other peoples opinion, she

Unknown Presence Watches Family Through Window

This odd photo, made its way around the internet. It seems to show a family inside goofing around and making faces at one another. The thing is, they didn’t seem to notice something standing by the window, watching their every move. Many believe this is some kind of demonic type presence seen. Perhaps it was