Ohio Hikers Record ‘Bigfoot Footage’ At Salt Fork State Park

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What resembles the fabled and ever elusive Bigfoot, was recorded by a pair of hikers inside Salt Fork State Park located in Ohio. The landscape here, provides a rather diverse terrain to transverse through. The hikers said they used GoPro cameras as they captured the alleged beast outdoors. 

These same two hikers (one of them known as Nate) said they heard many strange sounds coming from the park all of last month. The figure seen in the video does appear to be an upright bipedal humanoid of some sort. Whether it is Bigfoot or not remains to be unseen. Whatever it is, this moving furry humanoid looks like it is taking steps while it passes through the woods. 

One can only wonder what Bigfoot might consume to survive. Some think, missing people who have never been found are the victims of Bigfoot. Others believe that Bigfoot is more of a protector of mankind.

Why this mythological beast has yet to be discovered is still a mystery as well. Perhaps one day further evidence will be provided. There have been numerous footprint samples taken and videos like this one showing a Bigfoot of sorts.

As the hikers wander through the woods, one of them whispered, “Did you see that? Should we even be here? The sounds you are gonna hear next are absolutely bone-chilling.” 

Ohio Bigfoot recorded

Some people are not convinced this is real. A comment said, this could simply be a bum in a stolen fur coat. To date, there have been at least 36 similar sightings showing a Bigfoot type creature. Within Salt Fork State Park there are three locations where people have seen Bigfoot. This includes Parker Road, Morgan’s Knob, and Bigfoot Ridge.

Of course these sightings all could be misidentifications or merely hoaxes of some kind. In regards to this video, it is interesting but there is not enough evidence to say this is really Bigfoot captured on camera. 

(Source: Anomalien)

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