Man Finds Bigfoot Tracks In Medical Lake, Washington

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A retired man along with his wife from Medical Lake, Washington came across tracks in the snow not long ago. His name is Steve Meacham and he is keeping an open mind about what both he and his wife found. The tracks appear to be deep and shaped by a humanoid. Their conclusion along with others is…the tracks were made by Bigfoot this year.

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Certainly animals such as a moose, might make an impression into the snow this deep. But the spacing and overall size of the tracks don’t match up to be a moose animal. Steve was with his wife. The couple were driving around their neighborhood, trying to find nature scenes to photograph together.

They didn’t expect to find these mysterious looking snow prints. The size of these footprints, were measured at approximately 23 inches across. The spacing of the footprints is another issue, they don’t match up to be a moose or other type animals. The footprints found, were measured. These prints appeared to have a 35-inch stride diameter.

While the couple attempted to track these prints in the snow, they had to turn back due to the snow being too deep to wander through. Both of them were perplexed at what they found. It is difficult for some to believe in Bigfoot.

There are entire communities and other enthusiasts out there, who are searching for this elusive creature. People want evidence and even better – absolute proof that they exist. Some even think that Bigfoot is a guardian of nature, possibly existing way before humans ever did.

“I have no idea what could [have] made these, other than Bigfoot!” Meacham wrote on Facebook.

He also said, “I’ll be a believer until they prove he’s not and I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.”

It seem that Steve is determined to find the truth. He doesn’t dismiss the possibility that these prints were made by Bigfoot. Like most, he wants more evidence about this. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife mentioned that these footprints may have been made by a method known as ‘postholing’. This is when a hiker sinks into the snow during each stride taken.

Meacham, remains unconvinced and adamant that Bigfoot is out there.

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries)

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