Mommy, Who’s That Behind Me?

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A woman named Lori McGhee submitted a most unusual photograph. It seems that something or someone, was photographed standing behind her 3 year old son. It is unknown just when this happened but took place in Grove City, Ohio. It is an interesting capture. Clearly, what resembles a person or humanoid type of entity, was spotted on camera standing behind her son.

Lori McGhee paranormal photograph 3 year old son

Lori explained more about this most unusual photograph. She said at the time this was taken, her son didn’t realize the camera was facing backwards. Several photos were taken by her son within seconds of one another. After her son snapped these photos, Lori grabbed the camera back from him.

She began deleting different photos (to free up space for future photos) when she noticed several photos which looked rather blurry. At first, Lori thought nothing of these and to her they were nothing but blurry duds. However, when she reached the third photograph, there was a startling strange face seen behind her son. Lori said she has no idea who this person is (if they are a person) and to date it has remained a mystery.

Both Lori and her son were the only ones who were home at the time, when this photo was taken. It is creepy that this may have been some kind of ghostly entity with them. It is assumed that she didn’t notice anyone else in the house at the time. If this was a person, then they were very quite and seemingly stealthed their way back outside completely undetected.

Where the photograph was taken in their home is unknown but assumed to have been taken somewhere in their living room/dining room area. People have guessed that their home may well be haunted by something. There has been no update since this photograph was posted online. Perhaps Lori will share more information about this in the future. For now, we can only guess what this thing might have been.

(Source: WCPO 9 Cincinnati)

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