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Giant Worm

Giant junkyard worm

Each community has its fair share of trash, we have to get rid of the useless junk lying around our homes that seem to just pile up after a while. A typical spring cleaning...

clown on road

Creepy clowns invade the streets

Considered performance art by some to others these encounters are completely terrifying. Several years ago, people were reporting strange sightings of clowns in the streets. Why they are there is questionable. What is known...

Bigfoot caught by GoPro dog

GoPro dog captures Bigfoot on camera

Not much is known about this video, other than it was uploaded last year in August of 2015. The up loader on YouTube only mentioned that they were with a group of people scouting...

demon girl

Demon in the darkness

The origination of this story is unclear other than it happened in Oregon, it seems a younger couple who enjoyed one another s company had quite an encounter with a paranormal presence. They didn’t...