Giant junkyard worm

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dump trash

Each community has its fair share of trash, we have to get rid of the useless junk lying around our homes that seem to just pile up after a while. A typical spring cleaning will even do. After this, its time to get the stuff outta here and to the junkyard.

Going to a dump is certainly not the top destination, the smell is quite bad as well. There are some people who even sift through junkyards hoping to find something valuable someone else simply threw away.

Well sometimes lurking under the deep depths are things you don’t want to meet up with. You may find something rather unfriendly. Any remote ruined area can keep you on your toes. People keep on the lookout for black widow spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlies.

This time around a lady named Paula (from a small town outside of Oregon) decided to collect some glass for recycling. She earns a few extra dollars by doing this. It has become a part of her daily routine. One day back in 1999, she went to the local dump site.

Sifting through piles of discarded items she didn’t think much about it. Large piles of broken furniture stretched around the area for quite some distance. Anyone visiting such a place should definitely get their tetanus shot. (Tetanus can be found in soil, manure and dust. It can lead to painful muscle spasms which inevitably can kill you.)

This area is rather quite and hardly nobody else is around. For someone wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this might be a spot however not the most ideal type place. The area Paula was in was rather secluded. There were trees off in the distance, weeds have grown around the area as well. Nearby was also a small stream.

Paula mention: “As I was staking out the area, I happened to come across some tunnel-like holes in the ground. These holes were a peculiar size, which made me wonder what kind of animal could have possibly dug them.”

Eventually she found seven different holes which were camouflaged by the growth of the recessed area. She pressed onward to find her lost junkyard treasures. It was hot that day, she stopped for a moment to rest, as she did suddenly she heard and even felt the ground below here rumble loudly.

Giant Worm

Not more than 10-15 feet away from her appeared out of the ground something she would never forget. It was a giant sized worm. This thing must have kept itself alive by feeding on rats, snakes and other critters.

The giant worm she described was light brown in color, it had beautiful big blue crystal eyes which popped open. This was something nobody had ever seen before. She wondered later if this was an adult version or just an adolescent version.

Perhaps it is an ancient species which lives underground, after all there is much still to be discovered. Movies like Tremors have been inspired by such stories and in mythology there are different worm creatures.

Convinced this thing spends time hibernating she returned looking for it again. She still continues searching for whatever this mysterious worm creature is.

(Worm drawing by: Anastassia Grigorieva)

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