GoPro dog captures Bigfoot on camera

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Bigfoot caught by GoPro dog

Not much is known about this video, other than it was uploaded last year in August of 2015. The up loader on YouTube only mentioned that they were with a group of people scouting out exchange 30 for the Hood to Coast race. One volunteer strapped a GoPro camera to their dog. As they wandered through the woods in Oregon, they stumbled upon what appears to be a Sasquatch.

This race is considered to be the mother of all relay races. Hood to Coast is a 198 mile long course. The event scheduled for this year will include some 12,600 runners and 3,600 volunteers. The race is scheduled to start at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood which is approximately 90 miles southeast from Portland, Oregon. It will finish on Saturday.

The dog seen in the video doesn’t appear to be shaken up by the encounter. Animals can sense things, there have been reports of dogs going aggressively after a Bigfoot, but it usually doesn’t end well. Dogs are quite capable of tracking their scent. However, they sometimes show signs of fear. Did this dog capture a real Bigfoot on camera? Another question is why did it react so calmly?

Bigfoot GoPro dog

The top 5 most deadly animals we should look out for are mosquito’s, humans, snakes, dogs and tsetse flies. Bigfoot isn’t even on this list as they are incredibly rare and still are considered cryptozoological. They have yet to be officially proven to exist—however some believe otherwise. Science has always had a hand in human influence.

Sasquatches have been mentioned in many different legends and lore, but they may well be protectors of the forest. Some stories have said they can shape shift into other animals. This would help explain why they have been so elusive to people throughout time.

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