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Lady From Beyond The Grave

While people visit a graveyard, they are there to pay their respects to the dead or to learn more about past history. What if the dead actually responded? Several girls went to a graveyard when they were younger. Daring each other, they stayed until dark to explore one remote graveyard out in the countryside. Their

New Homeowners Find Footage Of A Demonic Possession

Where this originated from is unclear but it was posted on the YouTube channel “Cody”. Allegedly, this is 8mm footage of a man who was possessed by a demonic force of some kind. The film dates back to 1973 and was discovered by the new homeowners. Inside of the home, a canister of 8mm film

Eclipse of 2017, may increase paranormal activity

While tensions run high, it may well be caused by the upcoming solar eclipse—due to happen on August 21st of this year. Estimated to happen first in Salem, Oregon at 9:05 am, this enormous eclipse will cross the United States stretching for many miles. For those outside the main path, they can look up to

Moments of mediumship

With reported encounters of paranormal activity, sometimes a strange substance is left behind. This is what is known as ectoplasm. This strange substance often is found from a spiritual medium who has the ability to communicate with the dead. These people are very spiritual and connected with their surroundings. Certainly there are those who are

Famous Barton Mansion ghost encounter

This particular encounter has raised some questions to whether or not it is actually real. It seems silly that these people would run away from such a paranormal encounter. This location is known for such high spiritual activity. It certainly makes you ponder why these fools would be so quick to leave. Of course something