Eerie Black Blob Entered My Bedroom

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One woman explained how one night was an absolute terror for her as she experienced something from out of the ordinary. The following is what happened to her:

Like many who stumble upon this place, I searched for guidance, a resolution to an eerie predicament that began two years ago. It was broad daylight as I bustled about my kitchen when suddenly, an unseen finger jabbed my rear. Confused, I spun around expecting a grandchild’s mischievous grin – but found only emptiness. A week later, my dog perked up from her slumber on the floor, ears twitching as I read on my cell phone.

Image: Pixabay / zheng shi

My bizarre encounters leave family and friends speechless, unable to fathom my experiences. If you could only imagine, what seemed like an invisible human lurching towards me on all fours as I lay in bed. Paralyzed with shock, I could only watch as another phantom poke followed. My scream prompted a shadowy figure resembling a man with no eyes to leap from the foot of the bed to the ceiling’s corner. Absolutely petrified, refuge was sought in the office/guest bedroom.

For eight straight months, my Border Collie snarled and barked at something unseen above my husband’s recliner. Regardless of his presence in the room, she remained fixated on that one spot nightly. It wasn’t until this past Thanksgiving that my daughter mentioned a peculiar Frisbee-sized gray patch in the very same location. Despite having resided here for 15 years, it had never caught my eye before. With cracks apparent and no indication of a water stain – its origin remains a mystery.

As time passed, abstract touchings became more persistent during pre-sleep reading sessions. Soon enough, an ominous presence lurked – one driven by carnal desires if such feelings were possible. Fast-forward to more recent events: being awoken by an entity with pitch-black glares unlike any shade imaginable hovering mere inches above me.

In desperation, I rubbed my eyes – but it remained, unwaveringly present. Though the connection between the shadow man and this black blob remains unknown, both exuded a lascivious aura. The unnerving nightly visits continued, each time inching closer and closer to my face. 

Now, after years of darkness, safety is sought once more by the comforting embrace of a fully illuminated room – a haven not needed since childhood. Each night for the past week, I’ve sung lullabies to grown-up fears – but questions linger in the shadows. Why do these sinister apparitions haunt me so? Why now? Perhaps their influence extends beyond spectral torment, shedding light on the somber and misfortunate happenings of the past two years…

I need to share that, amid the turmoil over the past couple of years, our family home has become a breeding ground for nightmarish phenomena. My husband of nearly four decades, our adult son residing with us, and I have all exhibited violent outbursts and extreme behaviors. Even our poor canine companion bears the scars of these unexplained incidents.

It was around eight months prior to Thanksgiving 2019, that my dog became utterly silent. Oddly enough, she seemed oblivious when an ominous black mass materialized in my room about a month ago. Is it possible that multiple entities lurk within our dwelling? Despite their disbelief, I can’t escape the feeling that my son and husband’s denial has only served to amplify the dark presence – like fueling a fire. Now, it’s as though this otherworldly creature lies in wait for me in my chamber, clinging to the ceiling near a mysterious gray patch.

This may come across as lunacy, but in my desperation for answers, I’m baring my soul. The creature’s tendrils have ensnared me, its weight pressing heavily on my stomach – far more than mere holiday indulgence can account for. I find myself fleeing from its unseen grasp just so I could reach out for help.

As it entangles itself around my limbs and coaxes bizarre sensations from my neck and hair, there is no denying that it now resides within me. It surges and writhes as if inhabiting a womb. Even perched on an office chair far from the safety of sleep offers no relief.

Chancing to sleep alongside my husband one night proved fruitless as well. As he enjoyed his television program, the vile apparition morphed into a black blob hovering overhead before cycling back into inky darkness. When he turned to face it, of course, it vanished from sight.

I’ve always been devout and open-minded in equal measure – a teetotaler through and through. But my attempts to fend off this malevolent presence with sage smudges and prayers have proven futile. My friends and family doubtlessly believe me mad as my once peaceful slumber becomes a stranger with each passing day.

Forgive me for rambling on, but this tale is merely an abridged version of the nightmare that has consumed me. I urgently plead for any solace or guidance as the entity envelops my head, sparking electric tingles in its wake. If no one understands what I’m going through, I fear the madness may become all too real.

Source: unexplained mysteries and Divasnana54 from Powell,TN U.S

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