Poltergeist levitation caught on video

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Parapsychology is a specialty investigating paranormal and psychic phenomena. This includes different aspects such as telepathic, clairvoyant and reincarnation among other topics. Seen in this video, is a poltergeist possessing the body of a woman who is seen levitating above her bed.

This supernatural force is usually responsible for physical disturbances in many paranormal cases. Scratch marks and loud noises are typical signs in different reported cases. Poltergeists are known to also throw objects around rooms and torment people.

The video is part of a series titled Fact or Faked. The lady is levitated by an invisible force. She was completely unaware and unconscious while this happened to her. Her testimony includes that she woke up with bruises on each side and her legs as well. She installed a night vision camera device thus capturing this surreal moment on video.

As apart of Dr. Von Koestler’s therapy, this series documents strange events as they happen. This occurrence happened back in 2011 and is part of the episode titled “The Grim Sleeper”. It was uploaded on October 4th.


Imagine to her horror as she found herself floating above her bed. Scenes such as this are typical in Hollywood movies. However, this is claimed to be an actual encounter captured on video. Levitation’s such as these are reported about and have stirred debated controversy.

Both parapsychology and religious believers interpret these events as the result of a supernatural action. This action is the result of a psychic power or spiritual energy. The scientific community as stated that there is still no actual evidence that levitation actually does occur. What is seen is nothing more than magic tricks using different types of illusions.


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