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Some Think Past Lives Affect Our Very Future

It is something that we all have wondered about at some point in our life. Has our very path in life been chosen for us? Perhaps how we lived in another life has changed the outcome of our very existence. People have free will, but they have likely experienced different things from a previously life. 

5 Signs you’ve been reincarnated

There are different signs people believe, making them feel like they have been on Earth before. Known as reincarnation, people remember different moments through their past life experiences. These experiences, can leave a lasting impression upon someone, which can carry over into their next lifetime. 1. Having scars, wounds, birth defects or birthmarks Scars and

Poltergeist levitation caught on video

Parapsychology is a specialty investigating paranormal and psychic phenomena. This includes different aspects such as telepathic, clairvoyant and reincarnation among other topics. Seen in this video, is a poltergeist possessing the body of a woman who is seen levitating above her bed. This supernatural force is usually responsible for physical disturbances in many paranormal cases.