5 Signs you’ve been reincarnated

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There are different signs people believe, making them feel like they have been on Earth before. Known as reincarnation, people remember different moments through their past life experiences. These experiences, can leave a lasting impression upon someone, which can carry over into their next lifetime.

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1. Having scars, wounds, birth defects or birthmarks

Scars and wounds are another indication to whether or not someone has previously lived before. There are physical defects which can be carried over from a previous life. Sometimes whatever happened to a person, can be so traumatic—it carries over to them even in a physical sense.

For example, a Turkish boy was born with the right side of his face underdeveloped. In particular, his ear was malformed as well. This deformation is known as Microtia, a congenital deformity where the pinna (external ear) is underdeveloped.

As this Turkish boy later became a man, he recalled being shot in the face by a shotgun blast. As records were investigated, a man died 6 days later from this same wound years earlier. The question is, did this man return upon Earth with his tragic memory still with him?

This subject is highly debatable. A psychiatrist from the University of Virginia named Ian Stevenson conducted more than 2,500 case studies. He also published 12 books. In his findings, which spanned over 40 years of research, he found that 35% of the people had birth defects of some sort or distinctive birthmarks on their body. In 40 different cases, medical evidence supports, that some kind of illness happened to these people in their previous lifetime.

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 2. In our dreams

Another belief that many people feel connected to are dreams. Dreams are filled with greatness and nightmarish darkness. People remember some dreams, while others simply fade away before the next day begins. When someone dreams, often it is something from our every life that becomes manifested in some shape, way or form.

People can dream of a strangers face or a place where they recall having a conversation before. It is incredible, that a person might be remembering their past life encounter with this person from years earlier in history.

When a dream takes place, sometimes unfamiliar faces are seen. It may be someones past memories catching up to them. They are subconsciously trying to remember, certain places or people for a specific reason or another. A person needs to remember a place and time in history that is relevant.

Then they need to figure out, whether or not they remembering the same dream over and over again. The most traumatic experience of course is if they can recall dying or not. Were they murdered or did they die from some kind of accident? If any of these hold true to someone, it may be their soul recording past memory experiences. While the topic is debatable as well, our DNA may play a part in past lives and things that we did from before.

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3. Déjà vu and personal connections

Those moments when something said or a place seems eerily familiar. At some point in our lives, it has happened to everyone at one point or another. What was said or seen—seems like something we have heard or seen before. We cannot understand why, but it is apparent something unexplained is going on. Sometimes we meet someone, who seems like we have met or known before.

The extreme side of this, is finding the person you fall in love with. It happens to the lucky ones out there. Some people believe that in actuality, this person you had a relationship with before in another lifetime. Incredibly, sometimes people can remember peoples names, speak their language and recall places from the past as well.

When people venture out traveling, they are instantly drawn to a place in which they cannot explain. They feel a connection to the place, as if they have been there from before. People have undergone hypnotherapy, to reflect upon these places trying to remember past life events and places.

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4. Natural gifts and talent

While people are talented in this world, there may well be a reason for it. Even children at early ages can display signs of talent. They can play a musical instrument, speak, read and write, far beyond their years or other bestowed natural gifts. These same people, knowingly are able to play an instrument without even studying about it.

Perhaps they previously were able to perform and display their natural talents. People can speak languages fluently, as if they have always known about it without studying. The old saying talent runs in the family may hold some merit, but sometimes the children far excel beyond logical explanation. They seem to inherit what they had from before in another life.

Their interest in a particular topic, seems rather strong and completely natural to them. Sometimes this is referred to as a child prodigy. These children under the age of 10, can produce the same level that an adult can. They are considered an expert performer or talent to that of an adult. Sometimes they can outdo many adults in whatever subject matter.

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5. Phobias and fears

Many people every day suffer from a personal phobia or fear about sometime. It is genetically programmed in our DNA to protect ourselves when we feel threaten by something. Often most phobias are fairly common, but some people experience rather bizarre off the wall phobias, about different things.

For whatever reason, phobias happen randomly and there is a reason for it. We feel we need to flee or protect ourselves at all costs. It is human nature after all, our survival instincts take over in certain situations. Past life progression therapists, have traced back certain events in past lives. One example of this, is someone drowning in a past life—only to live again having a fear of water.

Human beings are mysterious and not everything has been discovered about us, as a species on Earth. What is known is, that we are unpredictable, passionate and compassionate in certain situations. Life is precious because time passes. Make the right choices in this life, to further yourself and others in the next.

(Source: Weird World)

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