Roswell Archive

Possessed Psychic medium photographed

A photograph has been circulating since 2014, showing psychic medium Jeanette Q. Baird. She is a French woman, who specializes in making contact with the dead. While she was in New Mexico, a photograph was taken of her. This photo seems to show her being possessed by some kind of poltergeist spirit. Certainly, photos such

Man gets pulled over for speeding with alien passenger doll

While out driving on the road nowadays one can see nearly anything. This time, a police officer pulled over a man who had an alien riding shotgun along with them. The unusual encounter took place in Alpharetta, Georgia. The man was driving 84 miles an hour, on a Sunday afternoon. Where he was going had

Roswell alien crash site encounter

Roswell has become a hotbed of activity for alien sightings over the years. Many secrets are believed to exist still within this area. One can’t help but ponder the thought of aliens being experimented upon in laboratories underground. A once popular television series named Unsolved Mysteries aired an episode back in 1990. This series documented