Possessed Psychic medium photographed

A photograph has been circulating since 2014, showing psychic medium Jeanette Q. Baird. She is a French woman, who specializes in making contact with the dead. While she was in New Mexico, a photograph was taken of her. This photo seems to show her being possessed by some kind of poltergeist spirit.

Certainly, photos such as these, are always doubtful but they are fascinating to look at. Perhaps this photograph, may actually be evidence of a spirit captured on camera.

The photo was sent originally by Gayle Knapp and has since been shared around the web. The exact location where this happened is believed to be in Roswell, New Mexico. This location is already known for its paranormal activity. Most famously, is the 1947 UFO crash that allegedly happened here and ever since has caused quite a stir with the public.

Image: Jeanette Q. Baird possessed by poltergeist spirit

Image: Jeanette Q. Baird possessed by poltergeist spirit

Jeanette Q. Baird, traveled all the way from Paris, France to become possessed by this ghost or possible a demonic entity. From what is known, she believed this is the most haunted location in the entire area of New Mexico. Jeanette also believes, that this home where a young single mother lives, is being haunted for a specific reason. Perhaps someone previously lived here and can’t seem to move onward well into the afterlife.

Roswell isn’t huge, but does boast a population of around 49,000 people. For obvious reasons, Roswell has become a tourist spot for everything paranormal. Different events are sometimes held here and people meet up from around the country – to discuss everything supernatural, paranormal and beyond.

Poltergeist possession in bedroom

Going up against a presence such as this, is not to be taken lightly. A poltergeist, like many other ghostly spirits, are thought to have destructive abilities. Their physical disturbances within our world, include them being able to move objects and even possess someone. Quite often, loud noises are heard, such as moaning or objects being broken at the location that is being haunted. Poltergeist encounters, date back well into the 1st century.

Different interpretations about these spirits, have been represented on screen. Most of the time, they are shown in a negative way. However, not all spirits are bad per say, sometimes they are merely trying to say goodbye to loved ones. Ghosts can sometimes be confused with angels in how they appear to certain individuals.

Like most things such as this, there is more there than the human eye can see. Why some people can communicate with the dead is still a mystery. It may be, that they are using or have tapped into another part of the human mind – that most people simply cannot. It is a gift or curse to those who have these type of psychic abilities.

Poltergeist possession in bedroom

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