Creepy singing robot mannequin

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creepy robot

What appears to be nothing more than a hoax has flooded into speculation of something more sinister. This video has made its way around the internet, showcasing a rather creepy and strange mannequin singing.

The eerie words muttered “I feel fantastic” seemingly haunt your thoughts after viewing this video—which was uploaded originally. The speculation is that this robot mannequin is wearing the clothes of its victims. The mannequin has been given the name Tara and was claimed as nothing more than a rare find—from an old random collection of recordings which were made.

According to one message board poster, they contacted the original up loader Niyou77 about the video. After messaging them a number of different times, they got angry and mentioned this video is actually from a company. The name however was never given, which further adds to the mystery surrounding this video known as “creepy singing robot” or “Fantastic Hey Hey Hey”.

Someone else mentions that the windows are spaced rather oddly. Again, this adds more speculation regarding the environment this singing robot is in. The home may have been built somewhere in the early 1900’s.

The location is unknown where this video was made. During a brief few moments, the scene is cut to a backyard being zoomed upon. People think this is a killer showing where they may have buried someone in the yard. Is this the actual home of this person who made the video? Or, was it done on location somewhere else? Nothing yet has been found to date.

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