Ancient UFO Tooth-Wheel Found In Russia

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It’s tough to say what exactly this is from, yet the piece found is thought to be quite ancient. What it really is may be from an ancient civilization of some kind. However, the fragment found was nestled inside of a lump of coal found in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. The experts who allegedly examined this piece – stated that it was manufactured and not the result of natural formation.

One local resident named Yulia Zamaskaya, explained how the piece was found. A man named Dmitry was lighting a fire to stay warm for the winter, when he decided to burn the coal. While doing this, he looked down to notice an unidentified metal object protruding from one of the coal pieces. Of course he was shocked at what he found. 


Not knowing what it might be, he sought the help of Primorye scientists in his region. Unsure of what the object was or how to proceed, he then later contacted Valery Dvuzhilny, a well-known local biologist and anomalous phenomena researcher.

While finding something inside of an object like this, it would be unusual but more common during modern times. One of the first discoveries such as this dates back to the year 1851 when a worker in Massachusetts found a zinc silver-incrusted vase that was extracted from a block of unmined coal. It likely dated back to the Cambrian era, thought to have existed around 500 million years ago. 


The fragment found inside the coal from Vladivostok, was from the mines of the Khakassia region. This area is in the republic of Russia located in southern Siberia. Its capital and the largest city there is Abakan. 

Russian scientists and other experts believe this area dates back 300 million years ago. Perhaps this toothed-wheel discovery represents an advanced prehistoric civilization’s handiwork or a testament to extraterrestrial technology after all. 

These Russian scientists are exploring whether the aluminum alloy is of human origin. It has been found that there exists an extra-terrestrial form of aluminum-26 that eventually breaks down to magnesium-26. The presence of 2% of magnesium in the alloy could well point to its extraterrestrial origin, but further testing is necessary to confirm this hypothesis.


The rod’s survival was likely attributed to aluminum’s protective oxide film and the lack of oxygen within the coal. The high purity of the aluminum suggested advanced production technology. Furthermore, the material contained 28-75% carbon, which was unexpected since aluminum production usually involves an electrothermal method.

Since news of this dates back a number of years, nobody has since come forward with further information about it. It remains a mystery of sorts for now. Some think some sort of ancient civilization may have been here earlier than once believed. This might be evidence of this considering the location of where it was found and what it might have been used for. However, this is merely speculation at this point.

Source: pararational and ufo sightings daily

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