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bigfoot behind tree

Bigfoot Blamed For Elk Graveyard In Idaho

It was a grotesque sight seen by those who transversed through the area of Craig Mountain located not far from Lewiston, Idaho. What was seen was a large elk graveyard littered with bones all...

Bigfoot chases boys in the woods

Odd Video Shows Boy Being Charged By Bigfoot

A rather unusual yet intriguing video has been circulating recently, that shows a creature believed to be none other than Bigfoot. This creature seems to lunge towards a boy in the darkness and he...


The Marble Mountain Bigfoot Mystery

Back in the year of 2001, video was taken showing what appears to be a “Bigfoot” on camera walking across the top ridge of a mountainside. From what is understood, Jim Mills from the...

Sasquatch youth in graveyard Ohio

Sasquatch Youth Digs Open Grave

Seen in a rather bizarre video, appears to be a younger looking humanoid digging into a grave. The entire thing seems shady, yet it is like watching a car accident, you can’t seem to...

Bigfoot Hut Found

Bigfoot Hut Found in Colorado

An interesting video, was posted by Colorado Bigfoot on YouTube. Seen in the wilderness, seems to be some sort of Bigfoot structure. To the naked eye, it seems more man made by appearance, but...