The Marble Mountain Bigfoot Mystery

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Back in the year of 2001, video was taken showing what appears to be a “Bigfoot” on camera walking across the top ridge of a mountainside. From what is understood, Jim Mills from the youth group known as “Campus Life”, recorded the video. Unfortunately, the humanoid figure is so very far away. 

The figure seen, almost seems to have a backpack on. But the quality and size makes it appear distorted. Some think this video is legit and is one of the longest known Bigfoot videos ever captured before. The video is has been considered legitimate and has not been tampered with. Remember, this video was taken in 2001 and technology has since become much better.   

What makes this video interesting is, there were multiple witnesses. Due to the condition of the camp, it makes one wonder what might have happened here.

Was all of this an elaborate setup of sorts or did something unknown actually wander through here?  If it was Bigfoot, then it is easy to see how strong it would be. The trees shown towards the beginning of the video, demonstrate that no tools were used to cut the trees down with. 

The Marble Mountain Wilderness, is located in the Northern part of California. Nearby areas allow access to this location including Happy Camp, Fort Jones and Etna. Entering and area like this does impose inherent natural risks. Nowadays, people would have access to their cell phones but this is far out in the middle of nowhere. 

This youth group had no idea they were not far from something so unusual. The video lasts for nearly seven minutes. The grainy video, might have captured something rather extraordinary back during this time.

While the video is kind of interesting, it is quite difficult to tell whether or not this is a Bigfoot or someone traveling down the mountainside. Other key downsides about this video is the quality, distance and shaky camera work done. During some moments the camera even pans down. This is disappointing for a lot of folks, because they missed what might have been captured. 

It is unknown if this youth group returned back to this location or if anyone else was brought in to investigate here. Officially, if evidence was documented, it might have been quietly swept under the rug sort of speak. This part of the country would be a likely place for seeing a Bigfoot, due to the territory here. 

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