Man Arrested After Ax-Wielding Sasquatch Phone Call

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In a recent bizarre event, a man from Klamath County, Oregon called about an ax-wielding Sasquatch. The phone call came in late Wednesday afternoon, after a man phoned in about his rather unusual encounter in the wild.

This man came across rather rude while on the phone. He also didn’t provide enough information, as he was belligerent towards 911 dispatchers. Despite this, officers still arrived at the scene in a timely manner, according to Klamath County Deputy District Attorney Cole Chase. Police met up with Timothy Drennen in the Chiloquin area, he is the same man who phoned authorities about this encounter.

Bigfoot sighting ax wielding

Apparently, Bigfoot has enough intellect to wield weapons such as an ax. It is unknown whether or not this really happened. Likely not, as Drennen was later charged with misuse of 911 and initiating a false report.

According to Attorney Cole Chase, Mr. Drennen didn’t appear to have any kind of mental health issues, this was strictly intoxication causing him to break down mentally while out in the wilderness. Mr. Drennen initially at first was combative, made some threats, but ultimately was taken into custody without any physical incident,” Chase said.

The deputy D.A. says he can’t comment on any evidence that may be presented in court, though he added an important observation: “Upon a subsequent investigation, there were no signs that Sasquatch was present.”

The county here has a population of around 68,000 people, the county seat is located in Klamath Falls and the area was named after the Native American tribe known as Klamath. Early settlers came across this very tribe when they first explored the region.

While many have claimed different Bigfoot type encounters, concrete evidence has still not been supported yet. However, there have been quite a few people who have taken footprint moldings, photographs and even video of the ever elusive Sasquatch.

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