Bigfoot Hut Found in Colorado

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An interesting video, was posted by Colorado Bigfoot on YouTube. Seen in the wilderness, seems to be some sort of Bigfoot structure. To the naked eye, it seems more man made by appearance, but Marc Abell insists this is the real deal. The exact location isn’t known, but it is assumed to be in Colorado somewhere. He has come across different structures such as these before.

Bigfoot Hut Found

His channel is dedicated to finding various structures such as this, interactions and still photography related to everything Sasquatch. Believers and enthusiasts alike, seem to resonate with him. It takes a special kind of person, to aimlessly wander into the wilderness in hopes of stumbling upon a Bigfoot creature. We still do not know enough about them. Are they mankind’s protector or foe?

Our fascination of Bigfoot is a curious oddity, but there is enough people out there who believe these elusive creatures are roaming around the world around us. Over time, people have reported seeing strange structures such as these, in remote areas. This is especially true, in locations where Sasquatch encounters have been reported about.

Bigfoot Hut Found Colorado

It is believed that these creatures are quite intelligent. Their brains are larger like humans. They like monkeys, also seem to have five digit type fingers. These when used, form tool shapes much like humans use. So far, there has been no field guide, to catalog legitimate evidence of this special creature. Bigfoot are also thought to be mankind’s protector. Perhaps even, they are from another world altogether.

Bigfoot in forest

Speculations exist, saying that Bigfoot are able to cloak or hide themselves through invisibility. This explains why they have remained so elusive for so long. With Marc and others like him, perhaps one day more evidence of Bigfoot will come to pass. The Sasquatch (Bigfoot) have seemingly manipulated everything around them. They are smart enough, to stay away from humans and keep their eyes on us from afar.

Urban environments are been polluted and perhaps even this has warded off Bigfoot from coming closer. It is assumed that they have a keen sense of smell, able to detect when something might be near them. Likewise, their hearing must also be quite remarkable. Somehow they must communicate with one another and this also remains a mystery to us.

Whether or not this video demonstrates actual evidence of a Bigfoot encampment, is another story. It is however, a pretty interesting concept to ponder over. Comments made about this include their possibly being a chainsaw chain hanging at the entryway. Also, the size of the structure seems far too small, for a larger sized humanoid to stay inside of. It may be possible, that this is younger Bigfoot which may have stayed here after all.

(Source: Bigfoot Times)

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