Odd Video Shows Boy Being Charged By Bigfoot

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A rather unusual yet intriguing video has been circulating recently, that shows a creature believed to be none other than Bigfoot. This creature seems to lunge towards a boy in the darkness and he can be heard yelling. 

Bigfoot chases boys in the woods

Some think this is evidence of a Bigfoot but it could be someone dressed up in a costume. The video quality isn’t great but good enough to see something there in the darkness. The unknown boy said he spotted a Sasquatch figure near his school prior to this video recording. A lot of people are convinced that the footage is genuine.

It is unknown exactly where this took place, but it is likely somewhere in North America. The two friends begin to walk through the woods, when they begin to hear unexplainable noises off in the distance. Not long after this one of the boys said, “Dude, what is that?” the other boy then replies “I don’t know.” 

Moments after this a hairy bipedal humanoid of some kind appears, it then starts running towards them. Both of the children flee in terror as their screams can be heard crying out for help. The clip only lasts for 41 seconds. 

There are other possibilities of this being a gorilla that escaped from a zoo someplace. Quite possibly, it could have escaped from an underground secret laboratory somewhere.

Things like this are difficult to believe but weird enough to take another look at. The boy later said that the unknown “Bigfoot” creature did not chase them but instead turned around at some point. He guessed it chased them for a few seconds then went back into the wild. 

Unfortunately, there is only a moment where the alleged Bigfoot can been seen. This makes believing this all the more difficult. However, it is interesting to see and many Bigfoot enthusiasts think this is evidence. Perhaps they are just desperate either way it was worthy of a view.  

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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