Sasquatch Youth Digs Open Grave

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Seen in a rather bizarre video, appears to be a younger looking humanoid digging into a grave. The entire thing seems shady, yet it is like watching a car accident, you can’t seem to look away. It is unknown whether or not, this is an actual person wearing a gorilla suit. More than likely, yes.

Believed to have been shared last year, this highly unusual sight, is a rather captivating one. This alleged hoax, seems to show someone wearing a costume of sorts. If this is for real, it would be an amazing Bigfoot capture.

Sasquatch youth graveyard Ohio

Those who recorded this, seem to remain quite calm about the entire thing. The assumption is, these girls asked the grave diggers for permission before recording this hoax.

If this is real, then why did they allow this to happen? More than likely, the police would be contacted if something such as this was seen. At least a drive-by “look see” would in order. The appearance of this thing, is quite unusual as seen. It does partly resemble that of a man, but the arms are quite elongated.

Sasquatch youth in graveyard Ohio

The location where this took place was in Akron, Ohio. The exact cemetery is not yet known, but assumed to be nearby the city outskirts somewhere.

Several young girls, decided to use their lunch break to visit this cemetery. It is unknown whether or not they have loved ones buried here. These girls decided to record whatever this thing was in the graveyard. It most resembles that of a Sasquatch. However, this could be a new type of cryptozoological creature entirely.

The youthful Sasquatch, seems to be flinging dirt around. It is unknown, if this was a fresh grave or the Sasquatch began digging randomly. The entire thing, is quite bizarre indeed.

Juvenile Bigfoot Digging In Cemetery

While the video plays, the radio inside of the car can be heard. The girls speak about getting down there to where the juvenile Sasquatch creature is. The driver seems to be the one holding her cell phone, as it shakes around inside the car.

Like many videos such as this, the quality and distance of the subject are poorly recorded. The most suspicious thing about this video, seems to be how calm both of the teenage girls are. One person comment saying, this isn’t a Bigfoot but a “Soul Collector”.

Another term known as a “Sin-Eater” was mentioned. It is believed that this type person, can magically take the sins of a person or an entire household. After this, they thereby can absorb the sins of a recently deceased person, thus absolving their very soul.

This might just be someone digging up a plot, for someone to be buried in later. Whatever this thing is, it is quite weird and has people talking about it.

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