Amateur photographer captures Loch Ness monster on camera

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(Urquhart Castle ruins, Loch Ness)

This legend has been around for ages. It has perplexed many people and certainly has brought forth a number of tourists to the local area. Known as the Loch Ness monster or its nickname “Nessie” is thought to be a remaining dinosaur that managed to survive underwater throughout the ages in Loch Ness, Scotland.

The dinosaur is believed to be a part of the Plesiosauria or Plesiosaur family. These reptilian marine species belonged to the Sauropterygia Plesiosaurs which originated in the latest Triassic Period. They are estimated to have existed sum 205 million years ago.


Many believe this mythological dinosaur has the ability to shape shift itself. While this hasn’t been proven, it is one theory floating around. What makes this unusual dinosaur so fascinating is the lack of real proof about it. It is the great whale in the water everyone wants to see.

nessie in the water

Well, perhaps a man named Ian Bremner (a whisky warehouse worker) has captured a rather compelling camera shot. He is an amateur photographer and one day while searching for red deer in the area—he pointed his camera towards the water. What he captured may well be the long lost Loch Ness monster. It wasn’t until this father returned to his home when he looked through his photos and noticed just how amazing this might really be.


Some are saying these are nothing more than seals in the water. This may well be the case as seals have been discovered as far as 30 miles away over rough country in the Scottish mountainside and on the shores of the loch. In all likelihood these were grey seals which were swimming in a row within the water.

Grey seals have long extendable necks and they swim with a paddling motion. They give the appearance of a serpent type creature slithering through the waters of Loch Ness. However, this hasn’t been proven just yet either so, anything is still a possibility. The very first Loch Ness monster sighting photo was taken back in 1933.


It was published on December 6th by The Daily Express and the photo was taken by Hugh Gray. Afterward the Secretary of State for Scotland declared that nobody should attack or kill the creature if seen. Since then, this cryptozoological creature has continued to capture our imaginations and fascination.


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