The ghost photos of Tantallon Castle

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The image of this, almost looks like a short court jester albeit a ghostly one. Known to be a haunted area, this location has brought many paranormal investigators to the scene.

The countryside here has quite the view, being not far from the north sea in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is due west from here. The history of this spot, dates back to the 14th century. This once sturdy rock fortress, stood strong until Oliver Cromwell’s forces hit this area back in 1651.

There have been several photos which capture a haunted figure, both photos were taken 32 years apart by several different families. Both times, a mysterious ghostly figure appears at the same lookout window spot.

Ghost at Tantallon Castle closeup

Some think the ghost is wearing tudor clothing, along with a neck ruffle. This photo was taken back in 2008, and the photographer noticed the figure standing in one of the upper lookout windows.

The earlier photo was taken back in 1976, by the Lamb family. Mrs Lamb from Edinburgh, sent in a photo she took of her late husband and two children during their trip to Tantallon Castle. Experts later analyzed that the photo was deemed to be unedited and not tampered with.

Ghost at Tantallon Castle circled

This however doesn’t rule out any hoax or misinterpretation of what has been looked at over time. The photo in particular, has since been recognized as the ghost photo of the year back then. Later, the media picked up on the photo and history about the castle.

This 14th century fortress in the Eastern part of Lothian, Scotland has gathered many onlookers to this spot over time. There has been so much siege and warfare here, it is amazing that the structure still stands, at least portions of it. This previous castle now sits looking onto the Firth of Forth, this is the last medieval castle which was constructed in Scotland.

Photo of Tantallon Castle

Here one single wall blocked off the headland, as the rest of the three sides were protected naturally by the sea cliffs. More history about it, mentions that the castle was built by William Douglas.

He was the 1st Earl of Douglas. Later, the castle was inherited to his illegitimate son, George Douglas, later created Earl of Angus. Despite several more siege attempts, the property remained within the bloodline for most of its history.

Ghost at Tantallon Castle circles

The stone curtain wall is over 49 ft high, 12 ft thick, and around 300 ft long. Nobody knows why these strange ghostly figures have appeared. Perhaps they were fallen lookouts trying to warn others before the next siege attempt.

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