Elites prepare for Nibiru apocalypse

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Perhaps the end may well be here sooner than many have thought. It seems that world leaders have decided to escape deep within the Earth itself, after numerous underground bunkers have been created throughout the world with the largest estimated to be under the city of Denver able to hold around 10,000 people.

Conspiracy theorists have agreed that something is on the rise and something suspicious has been happening for a while, dating back to the early 1980’s perhaps further. Next year, the end will be here as a gigantic planet will cause our destruction when it passes the Earth.

For some time now, the elites have been building bunkers with anticipation of Earth’s climate changes. It will make living above ground uninhabitable for most of humanity.


What is known as D.U.M.B’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) are known to exist. The American government agency known as NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) not long ago they have moved back into the Cheyenne Mountain, for the reason of it being “EMP-hardened” and more secure. Also, the government authorities have begun training their routine exercise courses across the United States. What exactly these exercises consist of is another story.

After the elections, tensions are already running high as the nation seems divided in their beliefs. The question remains, whether or not the elitists are just doing this as scare tactics among our society? With such strange activity happening, the mainstream media has since turned a blind eye to things and continue to report about senseless things.

Meanwhile, the common citizens will have to put down their video games and social media to wake up to what is really been happening. Like most, a vast majority of people will ultimately become zombies with their behavior.


The high speed trains which will be used have been estimated to connect various key locations. One of which runs from Washington DC. will connect underground to a more secure center in the mountainous region of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Other areas are believed to be hidden within the Rocky Mountains according to Robert L. Bocchino Jr. who is a software engineer and researcher at the NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. These blazing fast trains have been connected to certain locations for a reason. Many people across small towns and rural areas have heard noises coming from underground. This is certainly cause for alarm, as it proves that something secret has been going on for quite some time.


No areas of the public will be allowed to enter these special facilities and they will have to fend for themselves. In Russia, there have been preparations made by a percentage of people there (a drill of sorts) which will help them prepare for things to come. Other locations around the world some people have taken precautionary measures for such an event. Overall, the worlds population isn’t ready for such a scenario.

Something weird has been going on at Walmart locations as well. Read about it HERE.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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