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The Ghostly Story Of Miss Thynne

While many have speculated about seeing apparitions, some have had interactions with them as well. It all started for one family back in 1961 when they moved into their new home located in the English countryside near Brighton. Previously, this residence was owned by an elderly woman named Miss Thynne.  Tragically, Thynne would later be

Student From London Shares Photograph Of Strange Looking Humanoid

While a 20-year-old college student was outdoors for a nature hike, they managed to capture a bizarre looking figure. Oscar C. said he and his friend weren’t alone. Something was with them that day while in the woods. You never know what you might come across, while out in a remote location. This photograph was

Father And Son Witness “Boogeyman” At Their New Home

After moving to the United Kingdom, several family members experienced a frightening night. It seems after moving to a new place, they began to experience an unknown force in the house. The 40 year old father, went on to explain that he was skeptical about the paranormal until now. Only his son watched also as

Apparition Appears Underground At London Subway

Since the video was released, people have been wondering what this thing was. It resembles that of a ghostly apparition. But it may be something else entirely. Whatever it is, this thing isn’t human. Unless CGI was used, it would be difficult to understand what caused this shape to appear. For quite some time, there

What About The Witches Daughter?

This allegedly happened years ago, when a young man was on school retreat in the UK. He wanted to remain anonymous but had to explain what happened to him. It was late one evening and several of the girls at the hotel he was staying at, all wanted to go out for some late night