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Seen in a quick, yet compelling video snippet, resembles that of a flying ghostly entity. This capture happens fast, but has since bedazzled viewers watching the footage. It took place in a cemetery at St. Mary’s Church, in Hampshire. The living locals, don’t know what to make of it ever since it was released back… Read Article →

This ghostly photograph was captured in Norwich Cathedral in the United Kingdom. Since it was first snapped back in 2016, it has remained a compelling ghost photo. It was taken during the daytime, which is rather unusual. Most of the time, photos such as these are taken in the night. It is believed, that the… Read Article →

Many stories have been mentioned about these notorious fiends. They are best described as being youthful in appearance, with a rather sinister persona. There are various encounters with Black Eyed Children, that have circulated around the internet. Most notably, is how they appear randomly at people’s doorsteps or sometimes in remote locations when someone is… Read Article →

For many years, people have often wondered about the Loch Ness Monster. There have been many sightings documented about the fabled lake type monster. However, many if not all of these sightings, have been proven to be fake. New found evidence suggests, that it is possible this water beast, may be lingering deeper than ever… Read Article →

Located in the United Kingdom, a brother apparently woke up in the middle of the night – after hearing strange sounds coming from downstairs. Luke Jackson, had awakened in the late night hours after craving a cigarette. The 36 year old, was surprised as he wandered down the steps of his flat. At first, he… Read Article →

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