Apparition Appears Underground At London Subway

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Since the video was released, people have been wondering what this thing was. It resembles that of a ghostly apparition. But it may be something else entirely. Whatever it is, this thing isn’t human. Unless CGI was used, it would be difficult to understand what caused this shape to appear.

For quite some time, there have been rumors about ghosts in the subway system. Imagine trans versing through here late at night, only to witness something like this before your very eyes.

The apparition was randomly caught on camera by a bystander who was recording. The moment is pretty quick but after slowing it down, you can actually see what looks like a humanoid ghost on the right side of the video.

Apparition subway tunnel London

While playing the video footage back, a quick zoomed in few seconds shows something moving from the shadows and onto the tracks. This makes you wonder whether or not someone may have died here and is now haunting the place. It is eerie and creepy to see. Moments afterward this apparition of sorts wanders off of the platform.

The apparition appears to be green but this might be from the lighting used in this location. There are many speculations about this. Some think that a worker here may have died on the job and their spirit cannot move forward into the afterlife. Others think this is not a ghost-like figure at all and is something else entirely. Could this be some kind of demon? Anything is possible.

If this was someone who actually got killed here, then they suffered a most horrific death. A collision with an oncoming train would have been devastating. If this was a person, then they might have committed suicide here.

Like any place around the world, wandering alone at night isn’t the best option. Seedy areas are where criminals hang around, while waiting for their next victim.

Further examining this, there doesn’t appear to be any unusual movements. This might be that the apparition was more difficult to see from further away. This video is a tricky one, for now it hasn’t been explained but remains and interesting video to watch. This video is also known as “The Jumping Man”.

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