Father And Son Witness “Boogeyman” At Their New Home

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After moving to the United Kingdom, several family members experienced a frightening night. It seems after moving to a new place, they began to experience an unknown force in the house.

The 40 year old father, went on to explain that he was skeptical about the paranormal until now. Only his son watched also as something slithered in the darkness with them. 

Everything until now had been going good for them. They now live in a rather nice neighborhood and the area they are in is ideal for the family. It all started upon the first night they stayed at their newfound home.

The father explained that in the dark of night, he noticed what resembled a tall man standing at his wife’s side of the bed. Whatever it was, it then began to stare them down. 

This wasn’t a dream, it was real. At first, he thought someone had broken into their home. Oddly enough, he just stared down the figure for a while in utter confusion. He estimated several minutes went by before the figure then vanished away. 

The man also said that footsteps could be heard around the home. He has witnessed several figures entering bedrooms in their house. To explain it, he said just as he would turn the corner and notice them, they would vanish not long after. The last time he noticed this, he thought it was his wife who he followed downstairs. When he looked again nothing was there. 

There are questions about this and whether or not this man is overworked or hallucinating. He went on to say that since the moments happened, he hasn’t thought much about it. Perhaps it was his imagination getting the better of him, at least that is what he wanted to believe. 

Recently, while he was in his bedroom, his son came running in. His son said he noticed what looked like a tall ‘monster’ with long fingernails and toenails and a long tongue that was trying to ‘taste’ him.

This was the first time his son ever mentioned anything like this before. His son never was afraid to be by himself before. But since this incident, things have changed. 

What really made him take notice was when his son described in detail what he had seen. It seemed to match up to what the father previously witnessed. The father never said a word about what he had seen to his family or anyone else. 

He wanted to note that a knock was heard coming from his bedroom door. The door did swing open and there was nobody else around not even on the second floor of the house. He later shared his experience online asking if anyone else had ever experienced something like this before as well?

(Source: Reddit)

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