Student From London Shares Photograph Of Strange Looking Humanoid

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While a 20-year-old college student was outdoors for a nature hike, they managed to capture a bizarre looking figure. Oscar C. said he and his friend weren’t alone. Something was with them that day while in the woods. You never know what you might come across, while out in a remote location.

UK Humanoid Photograph Forest

This photograph was taken at a park located in the northern part of London. They were there taking photos for a university project and happened by this odd looking figure. While the clarity of the shot isn’t spectacular, a figure of some sort can be seen behind a tree. This photo was taken during September 17th last year at 7:00 AM. 

Oscar C. said he didn’t want to reveal the exact location or his full name for privacy reasons. This is what he had to say, “The park is surrounded by forest and we were shooting some photos amongst the trees, when suddenly I heard a rustling noise that gradually got louder, as if something was coming closer, I looked towards the trees where the noise seemed to be coming from and saw something moving in the trees.”

It was after this moment when this unknown humanoid figure appeared and surprised him. While the blurry photo doesn’t show perfect details. There does seem to be something there. Oscar C. went on to say that this figure stood around 6-feet-tall and looked somewhat like a human. 

He did note that this figure behaved unlike a human being. It acted awkwardly and moved faster than any human being he had ever seen before.

Whatever it was, it appeared suddenly from the trees for a few moments before wandering off. This was the only photo taken because it happened so fast and unexpectedly. The blurry photograph fails to show any clear humanoid-like figure, but an analysis is still in progress.

(Source: Cryptozoology News)

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