Woman Falls Asleep With Flat Stomach, Awakens With “Baby Bump”, 45 minutes Later, She Delivers A Baby

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A young 19 woman from the United Kingdom, fell into a deep sleep. When she woke up, she had a pregnant woman’s “baby bump” suddenly showing. She would end up delivering a baby 45 minutes later.

Emmalouise Leggate delivers baby she didnt know she had

Quite literally, she had no idea she was pregnant and later gave birth to a healthy baby girl overnight. She fell asleep, with a flat belly and woke up ready to deliver. This rather bizarre event took place back on the morning of July 17th back in 2018. Her name is Emmalouise Leggate and the teenager had no idea she was pregnant. She didn’t show any signs of a typical pregnant woman.

Leggate would later contact her mother, who then turned to mother/grandmother Louise to makes sense of her bulging belly. Louise immediately realized that her granddaughter was pregnant so she drove her to the hospital. While waiting for a midwife to arrive, her granddaughter already delivered her baby in the backseat.

News of this shocked everyone, as it is quite unusual. The midwife who arrived expected that she was ready to help aid the birth of a young woman but when she opened the car door, there was already a baby there crying. All of this was some kind of divine miracle, although a most unusual birth, given the circumstances.

Emmalouise Leggate, displayed no real signs of being pregnant – expect for missing her periods. She assumed it was a reaction from the contraceptive pills she had been taking. Emmalousie never had any morning sickness or unusual cravings. The baby never seemed to kick and of course there were no physical signs that she had a “baby bump”, until right before the actual birth had taken place. Emmalouise never even considered getting a pregnancy test either.

Emmalouise said, “I had no bump. I had put on a bit of weight, so my mum was suggesting we go out walking and do different things to burn it off, because I kept going on about my weight. The weight was across my full body, more in my arms, legs and face than anywhere else. My stomach never grew.”

Emmalouise claims that she just woke up the morning she gave birth to her second baby, Ciara, and the bump had just popped up out of nowhere. Doctors told her that the baby must have been sitting in her lower back, which apparently is quite common.

Although she considers Ciara a blessing, Emmalouise told Kennedy News and Media that she would rather have such surprise pregnancies in the future. She has replaced the birth-control pills with a coil and regularly gets pregnancy tests, just to be sure.

(Source: Oddity Central)

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