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Theory Suggests That Some People Are Energy Vampires

Sometimes when you come across certain individuals, they seem to suck the very life away from you. Perhaps it is their personality traits which rub you the wrong way. An old saying goes, we are all like a bunch of balls bouncing around, sometimes we bounce off from one another and sometimes we stick.  The

Researcher Says Vampires Are Real And Walk Among Us In New Orleans

Most anyone knows about vampires and what they do. These foul blood sucking fiends will stop at nothing to get what they want. To them, blood is life and the core of their existence. Not all vampires are believed to be evil, but there are those who are practicing these blood type rituals.  Outsiders looking

This Girl Had Fangs

While we were out late one night, we made our way to a party. It was out in the countryside, far away from the city. My buddy and I noticed a fairly attractive girl standing in the corner by herself. We decided to approach her but as we were wandering over, the crowd thickened. Not

The Jewett City Vampires Of Connecticut

One place located in Griswold, Connecticut might leave one guessing what happened. In a cemetery here. There are tombstones found here, that date between the 1840’s and 1850’s. The Jewett City Cemetery, is tucked behind a smaller housing project here. To find this location, someone would have to follow the end of Anthony Street, before

Romanian Man Believes He Is The Son Of Dracula

Some think he is nothing but a nutjob, while others are even offering him their own human blood. Known as Dracula’s son to some, he sleeps not far from where his father once tread. This young lad, pretends to be undead and even sleeps inside of a coffin in Romania. Andreas Bathory is his name