White Lady Haunts Unknown River

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Allegedly, this capture shows what appears to be a ghost in a river. There is very little information about this. However, a father recorded this while out on holiday with his sons. The exact location isn’t known, but believed to be somewhere within North America.

White Lady Haunts Unknown River

The ghost seen, appears to be that of a white lady. These ghosts have been seen in rural areas mostly over the years and are apparitions. They have been associated with many legends around the world as well, including both Ireland and Great Britain among others.

Predominantly, these ghosts have been seen in the United States. Perhaps there are many souls, that have not yet been able to move forward in the afterlife. As opposed to a red lady, they are believed to be omens of death and destruction.

The Red Lady of Huntingdon College, this ghost is believed to haunt the former Pratt Hall dormitory at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. Her story is told in Huntingdon alumnus Kathryn Tucker Windham’s book 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey.

According to Windham and historian Daniel Barefoot, two ghosts allegedly have haunted Huntingdon College. They first appeared in the late nineteenth century, while the college was still located in the town of Tuskeegee, Alabama.

She was described as a young woman wearing a scarlet dress and carrying a scarlet parasol who walked wordlessly up and down the halls of a women’s dormitory late one night, bathed in a red glow. This apparition, according to Windham, ultimately left the residence hall and disappeared from view as she passed through a gateway outside. The alleged identity or origin of this wraith has never been determined, and she was apparently never seen again

Many of these types of legends, mention a lost daughter or wife who tragically died. Now, their spirit haunts specific areas forever on this Earth. It is believed that when a spirit manifests itself somewhere, it is trying to communicate with the living. The spirit is unable to rest in peace, due to a great tragedy or unfinished business endured during their lifetime.

The photograph or perhaps video captured, shows the boys glancing over while in the water. They seem to be reacting to an adult ghost, seemingly floating in the water. The entire image is creepy, yet fascinating. If this is real, then it is one of the best ghostly captures to have ever been seen. .

It is unknown how old this is, yet it may be a still capture from a VHS tape while this family was out on holiday.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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