Researcher Says Vampires Are Real And Walk Among Us In New Orleans

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Most anyone knows about vampires and what they do. These foul blood sucking fiends will stop at nothing to get what they want. To them, blood is life and the core of their existence. Not all vampires are believed to be evil, but there are those who are practicing these blood type rituals. 

Outsiders looking in, will think these people have mental disorders but they stand by their beliefs. Sometimes this can be referred to as clinical vampirism, these people or shall we say vampires have the lingering desire to feed upon living mammals for sustenance. 

There are many European legends that refer to vampires, many stories have been told about them and numerous films have glamorized what they are and do. Often these vampires appear pale complected and dress in dark attire. 

At times, their teeth are stained by blood and appear red or reddish-brown. The legends about vampires say they must avoid the sun or else their skin will burn into flames. Superstitiously, garlic is used to ward away these blood suckers.

John Edgar Browning is researcher from Louisiana State University. He claims there are at least 50 known bloodsuckers within the city of New Orleans alone. These bloodsuckers drink either human or animal blood. Aside from this, these vampires drain energy from their victims telepathically. 

Public gatherings happen and during these dark shadow conventions, different people participate (including but not limited to) science fiction fans and those into bondage and S&M practices. All these participants become willing vampire blood donors, as others feed upon them one way or another. 

While John was in New Orleans, he came across a Gothic-style clothing and leather shop located in New Orleans’s French Quarter. A middle-aged woman entered the shop along with her two teenage boys. 

John then approached her cautiously and then began talking with her about his ethnographic studies about real vampires. As the conversation continued, the woman’s open lips revealed her teeth which had been filed to a point resembling two fangs.

Vampire girl

Nowadays, it is far easier to meet up with like minded folks who enjoy these kind of practices. Before it was much more hush, hush. New Orleans in particular, has become a centerpiece for things related to vampirism in the states. The location has its own sense of Gothic charm, which surrounds the entire area. 

John also learned that both the vampire and the donor will be checked in advance, so that infections such as AIDS are not an issue. The vampires he came across said that these sharpened teeth were not practical and there is always a risk of something happening during a feeding frenzy. 

John also said real vampires do not consider themselves to be undead, but they sincerely believe that they need blood from other living beings, in order to function normally. Many of these people believe they developed the urge for blood early on in their life during puberty. From then onward, they desire to feed consuming blood and the energies around another living thing human or otherwise. 

This subculture of vampires continues to grow each year, as more people are getting involved in these practices. While in places like New Orleans, keep your eyes open, you might just see a real vampire there.

(Source: 7000.RU)

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