10 Vampire Dating Sites To Behold

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There are a number of folks out there who believe they are in touch with the night and are drawn to the darkness. They tend to lust for drinking blood or admire the way vampires are portrayed in society. A number of secret clubs have been running for years, with many participants doing some rather unusual things. 

Many follow the way of the vampire which is a subculture of our society. This alternative lifestyle is based upon the mythology about vampires. Sometimes known as “vampyre”, these folks take inspiration from movies, games and books among other stories and implement them into their lifestyle. 

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Often there are parties held in secret where participants actually drink one another’s blood or sometimes animal blood. This is a dangerous practice itself and some believe they are energy vampires as well, able to drain away a person’s very energy essence of sorts. Blood is believed to be the lifeforce of the vampire, which gives them empowerment and some kind of power to behold. 

The goth subculture and some steampunk is closely associated with vampires – in how their communities form together overlapping one another ever so closely. From a report posted back in 2015 by the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, there are at least 5,000 people who identify as a real vampire. Of these 5,000 there are many who practice various rituals. The very first vampire believed to have existed was Jure Grando Alilović or Giure Grando (1579–1656) he was a villager from the region of Istria. (in modern-day Croatia) 

More or less he was referred to as štrigon, this was the local word which was used to describe  something resembling a vampire and a warlock. Interestingly enough, in the more modern day most vampires left are thought to exist in Romania, Colorado and Australia. This is speculation as other locations are also thought to have vampires such as Mexico and other parts of Europe.

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The earliest reports of vampires come from Eastern Europe in the 1700’s and 1800’s. These accounts then spread to England and Germany, where they were popularized as the horror stories we know today. They have been sensationalized and have become part of pop culture in some way as well.

All the typical legends and lore may apply such as vampires being weak against direct sunlight, a stake through their hearts, weakness to fire, beheadings, wary of crucifixes, holy water, cats, cold iron, silver, salt, living wood and garlic. They also are believed to not have a reflection and bad breath of course. With those weaknesses, they still tend to travel together with strength in numbers and they can be loyal if vampires find that special connection.

There are different types of vampires that are believed to exist. These are some of the types:

  • Blood Drinkers
  • Psi-Vampires
  • Emphatic Vampire
  • Sexual Vampires
  • Soul Vampires
  • Genetic Vampires
  • Insane Vampires
  • Disfigured Vampires

Without further ado, here are 10 dating sites for those seeking the vampire lifestyle and finding their perfect bite: 

  1. Vampire Passions – Fill out forms and after your profile is complete the fun can begin.
  2. Vampire Dating Site – Indulge in your latest fantasy to expand your horizon here.
  3. Date Vampires – A service that helps blood sucking singles establish their brood.
  4. Gothic Match – They help singles find others including emos, goths and more.
  5. Vampire Rave – The social network for vampires and goths around the globe. 
  6. Goth Scene – Look for that special someone or something that you desire.
  7. Vamp Personals – Where vampires and gothic personals meet.
  8. Vampire Scene – Share your vampire bite with that special someone!
  9. Vampire Dating – What are you waiting for? Find that special bite today!
  10. Meet Real Vampires – Connect with vampires here, find your Beau or Belle.

       * Vampire Dating App – An app aimed at gothic, vampire and those curious. 

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