Theory Suggests That Some People Are Energy Vampires

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Sometimes when you come across certain individuals, they seem to suck the very life away from you. Perhaps it is their personality traits which rub you the wrong way. An old saying goes, we are all like a bunch of balls bouncing around, sometimes we bounce off from one another and sometimes we stick. 

The same can be said about certain people, there are certain people who seem troubled and they act this way each and every day. They continue to carry their personal baggage with them everywhere that they go.

Energy vampires

Some of these people like to be in charge or are considered an alpha male or female. These people use methods of intimidation to get what they want or take advantage of others in some way. 

At times, these types of people can become very abusive and demoralizing others psychologically. Complaining about each and every thing, can have a negative effect on everything around them.

Exploiting others is a power of sorts that they have. Those who have great energy help stimulate others or inspire them. On the opposite end of the spectrum, others drain energy away from others unknowingly or not. 

These people suck away energy just like a vampire would suck blood. Clairvoyant type people can get an insight about people, perhaps they can even detect whether or not someone is bad or good from their energy or aura that they have. Likewise, those who are spiritualists will likely feed from things around them especially when they come across others.

All of this leads one to believe that social actions are influencing us each and every day. People will change their mood after coming in contact with an energy vampire of sorts. After this, they will become adversely affected throughout their day.

Think about when people come into contact with animals or babies, their very demeanor changes as these living things set people into a better mood. It is human nature to bond with one another but sometimes it is simply not possible.

The very person sitting across from you could be an energy vampire. Find those who you connect with and stick with them. Cleanse yourself from anyone else, who might be dragging you down in life. You will feel better and be more productive overall. 

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