Demented Stepfather

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There is a darkness looming in the world. What and why people do such things is mind boggling. A man named Gregory Graf was charged with fatally shooting his stepdaughter, but things didn’t stop there. Gregory recorded himself sexually abusing the body of his stepdaughter Jessica Padgett. This happened during the end of last year, in Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania.


The video evidence was found on Gregory’s computer according to the information provided by Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli. Jessica Padgett was only 33 years old, when she was last seen alive on November 21st, 2014. Jessica worked at a day care center. Her body was discovered five days later behind a shed at the same property—where he lives with Padgett’s mother.

Padgett family

Since this incident, Graf age 53 is being held without bail on a homicide charge. He is the owner of a fencing company, and confessed to killer her. Jessica leaves behind three children and was recently married. She was a beautiful and vibrant young lady, she was beloved by her family and friends. “The world shines less bright today.”

Pleading to use a public defender Graf will be prosecuted. He claims he didn’t want to burden his family with any financial obligations. Afterward the judge rejected his plea ruling he had the funding to pay for his own defense. This case is awkward and strange, the reasons he did these things are not clear. District Attorney John Morganelli mentioned that Graf will be charged with abuse of a corpse.

This crime has been classified as a misdemeanor, it means that District Attorney John Morganelli is unable to seek the death penalty for Graf. With everything considered, the alleged sexual abuse allegations did occur after and not before Jessica Padgett was then killed.

(Under Pennsylvania law, a murder in perpetration of a felony is an aggravating factor that allows prosecutors to pursue capital charges. Rape rises to that level, but the sexual desecration of a corpse does not, as case law has been established, Morganelli said)

The video seen makes it completely clear that Padgett was indeed dead during the time of the incident. It was on November 26th when these events occurred Morganelli said. It was after an intense interrogation, more details followed regarding the case. Graf is being held at Northampton County prison.

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