The death of Carissa Glenn

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Sometimes people have problems sleeping. It happens to all of us at some point or another. People suffer from sleep walking not realizing they are even physically walking around at night. This makes things rather dangerous for them—as they cannot control when and where they are going.

St Ives

What happened back on April 14th, 2008 was rather disturbing. The town of St Ives is located in Cornwall, England which is west of Camborne, along the coast of the Celtic Sea. The area is known for its fishing and boating.

A young lady named Carissa Glenn (who was only 18 years old at the time) was known to sleep walk at night. People mentioned that she would “live in her dreams”. There was more or less a rumor floating around about a woman who hanged herself in the very flat where she moved into.

Carissa blonde

Carissa claimed to start having dreams about this woman who died there. It certainly freaked her out, she dreaded going back to the flat each night. Later, the police were involved stating that nothing previously had happened in that location.

One particular night, Carissa had more than twice the legal amount of alcohol in her body. It seems that Carissa hung herself from the shower rail using a pink scarf. What was going through her head was unclear, it is known however that her boyfriend sent her a text message asking for her hand in marriage.

From what reports read, she was in fear of someone assaulting her. Perhaps she was completely overwhelmed with her life and decided to simply end it. This death initially seemed like a suicide, but there seems something else sinister may have taken her life. Something supernatural such as a ghostly spirit plaguing her—at least that is what is believed by some people.

Carissa redhead

The coroner report filed by Deputy Assistant Dr Peter Blackwell-Smythe, stated that it was unclear whether or not she did indeed kill herself. Was this simply an accident? The evidence still seems to point to her being in a dream-like state of mind when she supposedly did this. During the month of April, she phoned her family on three different occasions. She seemed scared according to her family.

She also mentioned that she felt like something was there with her yet she was alone. Her family also offered to pay off any rent on the flat, so she could come back home. However, it was too late. Where she worked people often mentioned that she was a friendly and outgoing young woman working as a barmaid. The case is still unresolved, those family and friends still miss her and are still puzzled by her strange death.

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