Man with giant scrotum

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Dan Maurer

This unfortunate man named Dan Maurer is suffering from an over-sized scrotum. This disorder is known as scrotal lymph edema. It is a rather rare condition which has affected men. It is also referred to as scrotal elephantiasis which is found generally by obese men.

Patients with this unusual disorder suffer from not being able to walk normally and often are afflicted with intense pain and discomfort.
The massive enlargement of the scrotum is from the thickening of tissue and fluid build up. Typically, the skin becomes bumpy and irregular, the penis also becomes buried within the tissue.

Dan and Mindy

Dan Maurer and his wife have been plagued by this for quite some time, unknowingly a man named Wesley Warren Jr. helped out 39 year old Dan Maurer before passing away at a Las Vegas hospital. He was just 49 years old. Wesley Warren Jr. suffered from this same disorder and when he entered the operating room. His scrotum weighed an astonishing 132.5 pounds and was hanging down a little below his knees. Wesley’s overall weight was 552 pounds.

From the kindness of strangers who raised well over $28,000 dollars, Dan Maurer has been able to proceed with a surgery to have this operation, the cost of this was something his wife Mindy could not afford alone from her health insurance.


Dan Maurer mentioned “I feel I have been blessed enough to have it removed, but I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else, (and) that’s why I want to put myself in the light”. Dan also plans to have sex with his wife for the first time in seven years. He also plans to get in shape and appreciates all the donations he received to help with his operation.

Dan dangling

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