People Are Reporting More Paranormal Sightings Since The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Ever since the coronavirus quarantine, people have been seeing paranormal activity in their homes more frequently. One researcher in particular named John E.L. Tenney said that the lockdown is only helping to promote paranormal encounters. John is a former host from the television series Ghost Stalkers. 

It was fairly typical for John to receive reports during 2019, regarding paranormal sightings. Most of the time, he would receive reports between two to five times each month. Nowadays, there are more reports which double that figure comparably. 

John also said, “It does seem to have something to do with our heightened state of anxiety, our hyper-vigilance. When the sun comes up and the house starts to warm up, they’re usually at work – they’re not used to hearing the bricks pop and the wood expand.”

John said, “It’s not that the house wasn’t making those sounds. They just never had the time to notice it. He elaborated further during an interview on CBC Radio’s As It Happens:

“If we’re going to allow or believe that ghosts exist, then people are seeing an uptick of ghosts,” he said. “They’re in a heightened emotional state. They’ve been sequestered.”

“They’re spending time in their house, which they normally don’t do at certain hours. But if there are ghosts, perhaps they’ve had a ghost in their house all along and they’ve just never noticed that.”

paranormal activity at home

This strange phenomena of sorts has been happening around the world for a while now, where people are allegedly seeing spirits and more. Meanwhile, people have remained scared and confused at what has been taking place.

Certainly many of these reports are merely people’s imaginations getting the better of them right? Perhaps they are fearful for their lives. People have become delusional with some of their thoughts, but some cases certainly could be looked at again. 

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries)

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