The disturbing dolls of Karla

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The disturbing dolls of Karla

Supposedly several dolls were found in a cemetery located in Baja California, Mexico. How long ago this happened in unknown and who found them is also a mystery. However, these dolls are quite different after finding out they are made from the flesh of a human beings. The theory about these dolls is that someone dug up a corpse and fashioned the skin to fit the dimensions of these two dolls.

How these dolls originally got their name, stems from them being found resting upon the grave of a woman named Karla Gonzales Pascual. Not only do both of the dolls have real human skin, but they also have human hair which was used as well. From what is us known, these dolls were later subjected to chemical study tests.

They were considered by shape and size, to be perfect porcelain dolls until—the discovery about what materials were used to create them. This is the only known photograph of the two creepy Karla dolls. It is unclear also who took the photograph. Was it taken by whoever made the dolls? Or, by the laboratory who performed the chemical study tests? There are many speculations about these unusual dolls.

Dolls of Karla

The area these dolls originate from, borders upon California. Baja California. It is a Mexican state on the Baja California Peninsula. This area reaches far across both beach terrain and mountains. The area is highly trafficked with an estimated 3.1 million people who call this place home. This of course doesn’t include tourists who pass by. It is unknown if the dolls were made by someone who lives here, or a traveling tourist who might have made them.

Perhaps whoever made these, are making other dolls from human flesh and hair somewhere out there. A rather disturbing thought no doubt. Other speculations include whether or not these dolls were used in some sort of ritual or if they were made from the skin and hair of a fallen loved one. Maybe a mother lost her children from miscarriage or from an accident and decided to keep their memory “alive” by preserving them in this way.

Dolls have been a part of human play and history for thousands of years. Back in the year 2004, a 4,000 year old doll was discovered from the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria. There have been dolls made from different materials including when the Egyptians made them from papyrus-stuffed linen. Over time, dolls have made their way around different parts of the world when people traveled.

Many dolls are made from various things. Later, it was seen as social status when children presented their dolls at gatherings. Children had dolls made from sticks and rags if they were poor and if they were made from porcelain and vinyl—they obviously came from a wealthier background.

While dolls have been made from different things, making them from human flesh is quite different and disturbing.

(Source: Paranormal Horror)

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