Strange Humanoids Spotted In The Wilderness Of Virginia

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Whatever this thing was, it has since scared people living in and around remote parts of Virginia. According to several posts made on Reddit, there have been sightings and/or unexplained happenings going on. Speculations run wild about this, as some think this thing is a crawler type creature or entity of some kind. It is assumed that whatever these things are, they move around on all fours.

The Rake Crawler

One poster mentioned, something about a humanoid being spotted nearby a military base. This doesn’t pinpoint where exactly it might be. Just within the United States, there are 800 known military bases including some stationed abroad.

The exact number is hidden for obvious reasons, yet some suspect secretive operations have been going on for some time now. Who knows what kind of experiments have been done. With DNA, cloning or other tinkering like bringing back dinosaurs…it lets your imagination run wild about it.

What exactly has been happening is anyone’s best guess. Perhaps some kind of experimentation is happening. Is it possible one or perhaps more of these experiments, have escaped into the wilderness of Virginia among other locations?

Other speculations about these alleged sightings include something supernatural like alien visitation. These unknown humanoid entities, likely would need to be near some kind of refuge that included water and shelter of some kind with hunting options available.

This is the scary thing, what would these things be hunting? If they are after people, then there are plenty of them. Those hikers and adventurers who like to wander off the beaten path, might need to look over their shoulder often. You never know aside from a wild animal, what might be lingering in the wild.

Witnesses have reported seeing something known as “The Rake”. This crawling type creature, moves around on all fours. This seems to be comparable, to whatever has been seen in and around Virginia. The Rake sightings originated in areas of New York state and Idaho among other places. However, the creatures first origin has always remained in question. Quite creepily, The Rake has a childlike sense of playfulness and curiosity. Perhaps these things are similar by nature.

Some think that The Rake was and is, nothing more than fanfiction of some kind. This creature originated online from sites like Creepypasta according to some people. Regardless of this, there have been these comparable creatures seen around Virginia and other places. What exactly they are and what they are doing are questions that remain unanswered.  

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