The doll that aged terribly well

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When people collect things, sometimes they can go overboard with their passions. However, sometimes a certain object holds its value to the owner. What if, this object was a doll that actually seemed to age like a human being? Would someone actually keep it? Or, would they throw it out with today’s trash?

These are the questions that a family had to answer after searching their attic sum 11 years later, as they found a doll they had. It didn’t appear that the doll remained the way it did from before.

The parents remembered it as being a cute cuddly toy for their child. In fact, the doll looks like it aged quite terribly. At first, they could hardly even recognize it, as their hair stood up on the back of their necks—sending a chill up their spines. They were certainly spooked after seeing the condition of the doll.

Doll before and after

The doll appears to be a miniature Egyptian mummy or a rotting skull of some kind, from its appearance. Owners wondered if some sort of demonic forces were set to work, as they went after this doll. As they thought over things further, the family decided to give the doll away to someone. As it turns out, the doll was later sold by this person for a large sum of money to an undisclosed buyer.

Dolls sometimes can age and kind of look creepy. They tend to lose their hair, their colors fade or perhaps an eye or limb is lost along the way. Their once cute doll, now had stiff mummified wrinkles running all across its body. The clothing the doll had on, had all but disintegrated leaving only a mere memory of the doll behind. This doll is different, as it has since aged much like a person does comparably.

As the family has requested to remain anonymous, they were known to be a fairly typical couple. They had several children and their daughter was the one to receive this doll as a gift originally, during the Christmas holiday season.

The doll that aged terribly well

There has been much debate about this doll and how it actually aged like it did. Doll collectors have mentioned that plastic or organic type materials can degrade over time. Typically, a doll will age leaving the doll brittle and cracked but nothing like how this doll aged.

Some refer to this as ‘doll rot’. But this is an extreme case of it, for only 11 years to have passed by. Perhaps something else happened as dolls tend to become vessels for paranormal entities to attach themselves to.

One can only imagine the condition this doll might be in now. It is unknown where the original owners are/were from.

(Source: The Paranormal Guide and Sunday Express)

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