Fantastic Fairy Tale Phantoms

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There have been a number of unusual sightings of very small beings flying by people’s eyes, much like an insect – yet more difficult to spot in various terrains. These particular type stories, originate from books written by various authors over time including: The Brothers Grimm among others.

But in recent times, there have been reports of strange happenings in different places. Something innocent may suddenly turn more sinister, setting some people at ease where others have become more frightened from their actual encounter.

These folklore fiends or friends, appear to be rather small in appearance and sometimes rather fast. Most of the time, people are not able to get a good glance at them, as the details remain rather sketchy.

Fantastic Fairy Tale Phantom stories

There have been reports of them looking much like a gnome in appearance, to more of a flying type fairy. They come in different shapes and sizes. These fantastic fairy phantoms, usually wander more often than not, near woodlands and overgrown hillsides. Sometimes, they are also found within some meadows.

One encounter occurred in Puerto Rico. A young girl named Lynn (who at the time was 17 years old) had a rather strange encounter with a gnome.  This gnome even shouted out its name saying “My name is Sebastian Polizar”. This happened after she returned from school and after her dog was barking persistently which got her attention. Afterwards, she provided proof to her mother, who also had an encounter with the small gnome fellow.

He was very small, wore a white, cone-shaped hat with pointy shoes. Everything he wore was white. He saw me and we looked at each other. When I blinked, he was suddenly gone. This occurred around 1:00 AM in the morning and still haunts the now 22 year old. The decision to leave the new home, came after a lot of weird things kept happening, like doors slamming and voices that just simply didn’t belong.

Perhaps this magical type creature, was trying to communicate with these ladies and they were put off by the encounter entirely. It seems that the imagination is such a power thing sometimes, it can make you think that something is there that in reality isn’t.

Maybe people have simply lost their ability to see such things in the world. These tiny creatures, remain hidden away from modern day society. Children and animals are believed to be able to see things like this, as their souls are not tainted by the ways of the world yet. One thing is for sure, there are a whole lot of ghost sightings reported about each and every day. It makes you wonder how many of these stories really could have truth to them after all.

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