Odd Trail Camera Photos Capture Zombies In Virginia

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Seen in several snaps appear to be zombie-like humanoids wandering through the wilderness of Lunenburg County, Virginia. This part of Virginia is fairly remote, with lots of woodlands around.

The population of this county is around 12,300 people. The size of this area is 432 miles long. There isn’t much known about these unusual photographs. However, they are time stamped which displays 10/11/12 on the date. 

Someone by the name of J Lowder Jr. sent these to the site Weird Things and they were posted by Justin on October 16th, 2012. One of the photographs seem to be recorded off a monitor or television screen. 

While looking at the first photograph, you can see what appears to be a lamp of some kind. Also, in the middle of one photo appears to be a reflective piece of foil. Maybe something in the room was bouncing light back at the screen when they took photographs of this.

All of it is really weird to say the least. It makes one wonder if these are clips from a movie or show. However, if they aren’t…then they are an example of outstanding makeup effects or CGI quite possibly. While it seems far fetched, possibly these could be “real zombies”. Most certainly, both photos come across as being rather creepy. 

It makes one wonder for sure what happened upon that night. The time stamp displays it being 1:02 AM and it appears to be a fairly dark night. It is assumed that the illumination seen in these photos, is from the flash off the trail camera.

Flesh eating zombies invade Virginia

One of these zombies even appears to have its ribs exposed, as flesh has been torn off its chest. It is a wild thought, but could there be some kind of underground experiment going on in or around Virginia somewhere? 

Maybe these cadavers were re-animated and let loose as a test. Or, did they kill workers somewhere as they began to roam the countryside. These photos have the makings for quite the mystery to unfold.

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