Boys transform inside dark basement

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During a dark night years ago, friends discovered an old abandoned home in the woods. Reluctant to enter at first, they continued on and entered this old run-down home the very next day. At the time, they didn’t realize just how this would impact their lives. Scouring the place, they came across the basement. It was darker down there, even during the daylight hours.

Three of the four boys, decided to go for a swim, in this abandoned part of the house. Certainly it was eerie, that a small pool of water was down in the basement, perhaps from heavy rains, as it eventually flooded enough to fill in. Wanting to stay dry, one of the boys stayed back, to capture a photograph that still remains to be a rather frightening sight.

Creepy boys transformed in the dark

Whatever these boys were swimming in, seemed to change them physically. Their faces appear to be dreadful with a ghastly gaze, as they are seen glancing into the camera. They manifested into something else it seems, even for just a moment.

One can only wonder, if some sort of possession took place—while these boys went for their swim. The pool of water, must have been fairly large, for them to be able to swim in. It is unknown just how old they were, but they were assumed to be around 13. Like many boys this age, they are often quite adventurous and curious.

Years later, a man soon discovered while out hiking, a camera out in the middle of nowhere. His curiosity got the better of him. Wondering what to do next, he then decided to take the camera to the police station.

Creepy boys transformed in basement

There were only a few photos that were left, which were salvageable, as the rest were lost. The one that stood out, was this only known photo. It shows the 3 boys transformed into something else. It is dark and the quality is difficult to see entirely. However, the photo is good enough to make out some details.
Did these boys come across something otherworldly? Or, perhaps they trespassed into where spirits still stir in the shadows.

With so much unknown in our world, we are often left questioning nearly everything. Humans are curious by nature and sometimes it gets the better of them. The next time you are out wandering around in a remote location, think twice before entering somewhere that may well be damned.

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